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IGM provides legal and project management services to domestic and international small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as state-owned and nonprofit organizations. We engage in genuine value creation every day, where the key elements are professional expertise, dedication, and continuous improvement.

Our team members are highly skilled, experienced lawyers with diversified knowledge. With a success-driven mindset, a commitment to excellence, and persistent effort, we strive to fully meet the needs of our clients.

Areas of expertise

We are primarily at the service of our clients in the following areas:

Corporate Law, M&A

Company Registration Procedures, Competition Authority Procedures, Acquisition

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Commercial Law

Contracts, Settlement of Commercial Legal Disputes

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Representation of Organizations

Public Interest Asset Management Foundations

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Financial Law

Corporate Financing; Credit and Individual Contracts

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Real Estate Law

Legal Support for Transactions, Sale and Purchasese, Developments

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Energy Law, Utilities

Company Due Diligence, Legal Administration

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Employment Law

Template Contracts, Template Documentation

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The IGM Team

Get to know us!

Get to know us!

Under the leadership of Dr. Illés Géza Márton, our law firm employs several additional attorneys, as well as junior associates, legal assistants, legal trainees, and administrative staff.

For significant volume assignments, we partner with other law firms with whom we collaborate regularly We engage with procurement consultants as external partners, and we regularly cooperate with tax and accounting (auditing) experts.

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